Social Policy Evaluation and Research Committee: SPEaR (MSD)

The Social Policy Evaluation and Research (SPEaR) Committee is a cross-agency group established by the New Zealand Government in 2001 to oversee the government's investment in social policy research and evaluation.

We use our unique cross-agency mandate to monitor social research and evaluation activity.  We work to strengthen connections between public, private and tertiary sector providers and users of information.  We do this to increase the capacity and capability of the social sector to deliver evidence-informed advice in a timely manner.

We advocate for the provision of social research and evaluation to decision makers.

*SPEaR is no longer active.


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Jun 2008
The Social Policy Evaluation and Research Committee (SPEaR) was established by Government in 2001. The SPEaR Terms of Reference included a specific function to promote the utilisation of "best practice" approaches, tools and techniques through development (where necessary) and/or dissemination. SPEaR agreed that guidelines were desirable as there were particular areas of practice where...
1 Jan 2008
Growing Research in Practice (GRIP) was an innovative partnership programme which aimed to help develop a culture of enquiry among practitioners in social service agencies in Auckland by developing strategies and resources to strengthen research-mindedness and related activity. The programme ran for 15 months (January 2006-March 2007) and was overseen by a project team (consisting of...
The purpose of 34 Voices:  New Zealand Business and Worker Interviews on Sick Leave and Parental Leave is to gain insights into work-leave from those who are giving and those who are taking it.  The interviews with employers and employees  reveal stories about the pluses and minuses of actual ‘on the ground’ experience and should help inform on-going discussions of how these two...

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